Tours Resbaloso River

Now comes the time to start the physical intense part of your trip, the Rio El Resbaloso tour. This 32km route offers a great opportunity to enjoy a great bike ride as well as being in direct interaction with less touristy spots of our region. During this journey to the Rio, we’ll visit the village of “Republica de Chile”, first Cooperativa de Producción Agropecuaria (CPA, a farming cooperative), created in Cuba by Fidel Castro. Our ride continues through a road frequented by few and covered by lush vegetation all the way to the Rio. There we can enjoy a well-deserved dip in fresh mountain waters and the quiet breeze of this remote place.

If you wish to grab a bite, there is a creole snack option for visitors of the Rio.

On the way back, you can also visit the Cueva del Indio and Palenque de los Cimarrones. These are both regional caves that you can visit (10-15min walk). In the Cueva del Indio, you can also take a small boat to naviguate through a underground lake until the other end of the natural cave.

Duration of the tour: 4 hours or more

Difficulty: Tough

Distance: 35 kilometers

What to bring: Sunscreen

Cost: 30 USD

Included: A bottle of water and bike rental

Note: There are many ways to reach the Rio, please consult with us which would be the best option given your preferences and physical condition

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