Ballad in the Valley

We start adjusting our bikes and head towards the Viñales National Park, then we climb to the highest point of the city, in order to take spectacular photos and appreciate the strange formation that the mountains of the vineyard valley offer us. We descend approximately 1 km towards the center of the valley by a somewhat difficult route and visit different farms of the valley until arriving at the house of a perfect sculptor and carver, there we will make a small visit to his works and significant creations. We continue a few minutes later to the Canopy, where you can take a light and charismatic stroll on outdoor ropes, take a light rest and return to the centre to finish the tour.

Distance: 15 km approximately.
Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: medium
Take away: Sunscreen and bug repellent
Price: 25 USD
Includes: Bikes, a bottle of water and a cocktail per person.

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